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WOFT LOR Examples

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Good afternoon,

I am a prior USMC service applying for WOFT.  I have 5 LOR’s soon to be 6 ready to submit with my packet.  On Tuesday 8/17 I met with a CW4 Blackhawk aviator who has agreed to complete my final LOR albeit with one caveat.. he has asked that I write it and he will review and sign off on it. 

This will be my first rec letter from a Warrant Officer Aviator.  I need assistance.  Can anyone provide me with some ideas on things I should include, or better yet provide LOR examples from aviators you may have received?  That would be a great help.  Thank you for your time. 

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Articulate your past/current performance and your potential as an aviator. Keep it short, sweet, and right to the point. If you DM me your email I can send you the one that I used for my packet.

The warrant that wrote mine did it himself though, I interviewed with him and then he sent me the LOR back the next day so what I have is not what I wrote at all.

Mine was from a CW3 and it was pretty good I think. My O3 LOR was also very good, but I wrote that one myself. My O5 LOR was not bad, but it wasn't great either.

In the end, I got selected first look. But the common theme for all 3 of mine and for others that I have seen is they are not super long or wordy, and right tot he point. Past performance and potential as AWO.

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