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Should I apply to WOFT or enlist?

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I am current a high school senior with a passion for aviation and a desire to join the military. One on the options I'm considering is army WOFT, which I believe I have a decent shot at being accepted. Here are some of my stats.

Education: High school diploma, Associates in Science (once I graduate).

Grades: 4.06 GPA Weighted 3.31 Unweighted, 3.2 College GPA

GT: 124

AFQT: 87th Percentile

Possible LOR's: Former Warrant Officer, Current Warrant officer, Coast guard officer, My boss, guidance counselor

Work Expirience: 8 Months as an associate at Panera bread (recently promoted to team lead)

SIFT: Not taken

PT Test: Not taken

In your honest opinions should I enlist, apply for WOFT, or finish college? Also what are your opinions on the different branches as an aviator?




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I am not an aviator (just got selected), but I do have 13 years as an enlisted soldier.

Before I get started I want to let you know that if you do decide to enlist, your recruiter is going to try to make you pick whatever job they can. Go in there with a plan and don't agree to anything unless it is what you wanted. It doesn't count unless it is writing, and you can back out all the way up to signing your papers at MEPS. There is no, "you can get a ranger school slot in basic training". That is not a thing.  /rant over


You should finish your degree, before you do anything else. You do not have any other options with the other branches to fly without it, and it will be hard to finish your degree once you join. I left college and joined in 2008, and I just finished my associates degree last year. Deployments, training, and admin work take up a lot of your free time each day.

Also, one of the things that my senior warrant made me do before getting a recommendation was to take a familiarization flight, which I did in a Cessna 152 with one of my friends. This way, if you realize you hate it then you don't owe the Army anything. Study up on whatever you will be flying in, and if you enjoy both the studying and the flight then you at least have a good idea that you may still want to be an aviator. Or if you have the money, you could get a couple hours of rotary wing time and do it that way.

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What is the downside to doing a WOFT packet now and going enlisted (if that's a serious option to you) if it doesn't work out?


If the goal is to fly, you won't be at much if a disadvantage by being street to seat. Compare yourself honestly to others in these forums who have applied and been selected for S2S and see if you think it's a realistic possibility. The experience you get from being prior enlisted is nothing compared to just getting straight to flying ASAP, if that's the ultimate goal. You'll be behind in some basic army knowledge, but its not a big deal.

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