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Bad News from Flight Physical - Ft Hood

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Went to complete flight physical.  All is good except for vision. 
both eyes used together are 20/20, left eye is 20/35, right eye is 20/25. Slight astigmatism in one eye.  On the depth perception test where you put on the 3D glasses and call out which dot of the 3 is popping out, I only got down to #5 out of 10.  Apparently you can only miss up to 1 out of 10 on this test.  

The Captain Optometrist wants me to come back to Ft Hood to run the exam two more times because it may be waiverable.  Apparently the slight astigmatism can possibly mess with depth perception.  

Anyone know anything about this?  Have seen anything similar happen? Any advice?

It must be a good sign I hope.. because they want me to come back.  Pain in the ass to drive to Hood two more times, but it is what it is.  


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I despise this test with a passion, 6-10 kick my ass for sure. I've done this test and the other version with the forehead activated machine things both I struggle with no have no depth perception issues in real life. 

Also fun fact totally unrelated the answers are on the cover of the book which is google-able.

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IIRC technique makes a huge difference.  Relaxing your eyes vs straining and trying to focus on the circles.  Maybe try offsetting your focal point a little bit from the circles and see what it gets you (looking above or below them).

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Thank you to everyone who has commented and provided insight so far.  The day after I went to Ft Hood I went to a civilian optometrist and did the same randot depth perception test… go figure… I passed.

The optometrist wrote me a note which I just mailed out to the optometrist at Ft Hood.  Hopefully when I go back, I should be ok. 


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