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Hi All,

Looking to see if anybody has a shareable map or list of some cool places in Texas (Aside from Salt Lick BBQ ;) ) that takes helicopter landings, or is happy to share the places they'd recommend? Looking for restaurants/bars, along with cool private sites or activities.

There was an old thread for this where it looked like someone started to make a shareable directory but it's no longer :( 

Any recommendations appreciated! Please also feel free to DM (Also looking to go to Louisiana & Florida so anywhere there is appreciated too!)



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Re: Your request for info on places that allow helicopters to land, although I've been away from Austin since 2005, I do remember that the Oasis Bar/Resturaunt (north of Austin, on a ridge overlooking Lake Travis), which was (is still?) one of THE classic "cool" places to go in the Austin area for nightlife AND really good food & music, has a helo pad (I seem to recall that it can hold two).  That, in the Austin area, is the only other place that I can think of that can/will take a helo besides the Salt Lick (really great BBQ, though, so, please to go there if you can).  Even though I went to college in LA (NOLA), and grew up in FL, I've been away from those locations even longer, so I'll also be looking forward to any other responses that you may get.  Good luck on this search for interesting/fun places.  Hope you have a good trip. 




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Here are a few where I have landed that aren't mentioned:

Margaritas and more in Liberty Hill...owner owns empty lot next door

Opie's BBQ in Spicewood...owner owns empty lot behind restaurant

Flat Creek Estate Winery...owner requests copy of insurance prior to landing

Iron Wolf Distillery...helipad is dead spot in grass next to building



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