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Hello you beautiful people :)

I am looking for a suiting flight school for myself. YES- i did research before. But unfortunately in my case its not that easy.
I´m half German, Half Austrian, currently in Australia and can't wait to finally sit in a helicopter!

Have you recently heard any reliable reviews about Hillsboro Aero Academy in Oregon and the EASA/FAA Program?
Unfortunately I can only find reviews about the Airplane sector which is (hopefully) not connected to the Helicopter one.
Especially because those reviews are horrendous.

Are there eventually other schools in the States which provide international students with an F-1 (F1) Visa and an additional EASA license option?

Its really hard to get some proper informations about this.

Maybe there are some people in this forum who can drop their experience-reports as an international student in the USA no matter if F1 or M1 Visa.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

I'm a CFII(h) at Hillsboro currently. Yes, we have an opportunity for EASA training and the F-1 visa. The majority of our student body is from Germany/ Austria. As far as answering questions specific to the program you'd need to talk with the EASA program manager here (Phil Haupt), or I can connect you with some of my students to get their view of the program. 


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