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The first EFB I ever used was called Avare and it was a free Android-only app that I used on an old tablet. I liked it being free, but it does have some issues with user interface. It's been a while but if I remember correctly, flight planning was difficult and non-intuitive. It was really more useful as a digital sectional (that happens to show your location) than anything else. It did have some of the cool stuff that Foreflight has, such as the geo-referenced approach plates, but everything about it was very cumbersome.

Once I started flying commercially, I bought Foreflight on the iPad mini. Just the $100/year subscription. Didn't see much need for the advanced stuff since I really only do VFR flying. Needless to say, the step up in user experience was immense. Foreflight is well-designed and receives updates regularly. Flight planning was easy, largely thanks to the rubber banding feature - tap and drag on a route segment to add a new waypoint. Weather is easy to overlay, briefings in the palm of your hand without calling flight service, satellite imagery overlay which was great for finding off-airport landing sites.

Currently my job doesn't really have a need for any kind of EFB so I have been using Wingx for poking around on the charts when I want to look around. If you're a CFI you get it for free. It is much more usable than Avare, but still lacking compared to Foreflight. Doesn't have satellite imagery, and flight planning is not as smooth, but can certainly get the job done.

That's about all I can think of that's useful. It's been a while since I used any of them in flight. Hope you can find it helpful.

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I’ve used or subscribed to ForeFlight , SkyDemon, & Garmin Pilot apps on an iPad.  All are good, but I’d say SkyDemon is best for European VFR and ForeFlight is best for US VFR.

I live in Europe, so have a SkyDemon subscription.  That said, when in the cockpit I use a Garmin Aera 660 which I find far better than any of the IPad apps noted above.  The apps are great for pre-flight planning on a PC – so really suggest to have both.

The one unique “bell & whistle” would be that the Garmin Pilot App has interoperability with certified Garmin GTN panels in aircraft provided that you have a Garmin FlightStream 510 Card (which is a Garmin multi-function card for WiFi & Bluetooth) installed in the GTN panels.

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I used both Fore Flight and Garmin Pilot for a year in order to see which I liked best. I wound up with the Garmin mostly because their VFR map was not just a scanned sectional. It was interactive in that you could tap onto it and info would come up. Also the words on the maps were always oriented properly regardless of direction of flight. Southbound on FF everything was upside down, when track up. 

I think that FF now has this available. Both programs  have added dozens of features since I made my decision several years ago. As Risepilot said you can swap flight plans between your iPad and the panel mounts with the Garmin. Also with Pilot you can get ADSB info from a 345 transponder 

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