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Heli-Expo 2005

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I will try to make it. I wanted to go last year, but found out at the last second where it was.


Can anyone please tell me when it is? Thanks.



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I will be going this year for sure.  Missed it last year cause I broke my neck dirt bike riding a week before.  I don't fly helicopters yet, but is there a meeting that would give me information that I would need for flight training and getting a career in helicopter's?  What will you guys do at the vertical reference meeting?




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I will be there too again this year.  We kind of tried to meet up with other members last year but it didn't happen so lets try again, I would like to meet some of you guys :D


For the guys that were wondering it is a trade show but it is very interesting to see and you can get a lot of info about the industry even if you arent flying yet.  If you can you should go check it out.   ::cheers::  ::rotorhead::

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Hi all,


I have been contracted by the Helicopter Association International to provide video coverage of Heli-Expo 2005.


I am looking for two people for my crew.  We will be shooting and editing all 3 days of the show.  If you have experience shooting digital video and editing with Adobe Premiere and would like to be part of the crew, drop me an IM or email with your qualifications/experience.


I would prefer to have only helicopter pilots on the crew; but I'll talk to anyone who is qualified.


THIS IS A PAID GIG - YOU WILL BE PAID A DAY RATE.  I can cover travel, lodging and food.  And you will have free time to check out the exhibits.


I also think a Vertical Reference Members meeting is a great idea.  If there is enough interest, I will consider hosting it.


Jeff (SkyFocal)

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It looks like our ship will not be in the Eurocopter booth after all.  It seems they have enough law enforcement ships so they booted us in favor of a corporate EC120.  Oh well, I will still be there on Sunday.  I will be looking for all the fellow Vertical Refers out there.
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I'll be the pilot-wanna-be, soon-to-be-student with the lost and totally amazed look in my eyes!!!


You can't miss me... :D


Any one have a ticket for Sunday that needs an owner?? ::whistle::

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Skyfocal and I are here at the Expo, and things are being setup for the festivities.  Since most of us have different agendas, perhaps it is better to have a beer call after hours.  Some events at the Expo run through Midnight, except for Sunday evening.  Sunday night is probably the best time for the VR forum members to get together, and the first round of drinks is on me!  The job fair is from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.  Perhaps we could meet at the entrance to the Expo at 5 p.m. and walk over to one of the local bars?  (Hiccup!)
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