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Selected by the Board, but Age Waiver : I Need Guidance

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This is my first post on this forum, so thank you for your time and help in advance!

Quick intro, Prior Marine Sergeant, Aviation Ordnance, Aerial Observer, and QASO. So I was an ordie and then got my wings to crew after my first MEU, racked up about 400 hours over 2 more deployments in the glorious CH-53E. I've also got a couple bachelors degrees and can hold my own driving a MD500 in Call of Duty.

I'm a civilian attempting to enter the National Guard at 36. I'm selected out of my state's board (selected ~ 01/2022), but require an age waiver (submitted ~ 03/2022).

TLDR: Has anyone in here gotten an age waiver? What's the turn around? If you're at training have you seen others with age waivers? Is there an office I can call at NGB, or at Ft. Rucker to check a status or introduce myself to the reviewers so their not just seeing me on a piece of paper?

I want this as my career and I want to make sure I'm doing everything in my power (with tact and respect for the powers that be) to make it happen. Again, thank you for your time and response.

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