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Every two years (or three with AirWolf straps), I am faced with spending upwards of $8,000 for replacing the TT-straps on my helicopter due to a ridiculous AD which calls for replacement every 2 to 3 years, or 2,000 hours. I believe this AD is based on one failure of one strap in a salty, ocean-air environment.

I have talked to numerous mechanics, who all say that they find the "used" straps in perfect condition! Not noticeable wear, no penetrations of their outer plastic membrane and no corrosion. And in the cases of private owners, like me, there are hardly any hours on them comparatively to commercials ops.

It is a shear waste of time, money and resources!

I'm not sure how they came up with the time limit to begin with ... 2 to 3 years is hardly any time at all! I believe the AD should based on "flight hours" and/or inspections of some kind or at least a time frame of hours/years that makes sense.

Does the FAA even listen to concerns such as these? This AD is overkill.

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This sucks.  Eric Wolf at Airwolf wants the old straps back.  He tests them and hopes to increase the life span.  He sent me a prepaid shipping label for them.

My 480B has been down since February for a hot section.  They expect parts in December.  Just lost 1 year of the 3 years because the ship isn't flying.

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13 hours ago, MileHi480B said:

adam32 ... the "TT Straps" are not exclusive to Enstroms. They are also used on all 206 Bell Helicopters.


True...maybe if you get some sort of "class action" going with everyone? 

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