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I purchased a 12B/C last June, after a lot of research.


I trained in a 269C and flew a F28C Enstrom and an R22.


I think a Hiller is a great machine, only 4 life limited parts, it's tough and reliable.  Parts do not seem to be an issue.  I am thinking of up grading to a 12E4.


You can get a new/refurbished one from Hiller 0 tome for $125,000 or a refurbished one from United Helicopters for about the same, just not 0 time.  


They fly great and are a true bargin.

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I'm currently flying a Bell 47 D1, with lots of G2 time under my belt. I got my rating in an R22, and moved on to the G2, 300c, Sokorsky S55 turbine, but I have always liked the 47 the best. I have a chance to go into a partnership for a very good price, and lease it back. It's a lowtime "C" model, that's IFR rated, so we can teach IFR in it. I like the Bell, but parts a getting scarce. Thanks for the comments. ::rotorhead::
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