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No Diagnosis but given adhd meds and flight physical

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Was given adhd meds at the start of the year, only took it for a month and stopped outright. Its right there in my history and I've been off them for 10 months now with no problems. (it was atomoxetine and I was specifically told by the prescriber that he gave it to pilots all the time) 

I'm already enlisted and going to be getting a flight physical soon so is this going to be a huge issue. I know they will pull my pharmacy records and this is all there is on it along with medical history. They didn't diagnose me with anything and I resolved my issues on my own after having a conversation with family, I just dont want this to screw up any potential career I will have. 

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23 minutes ago, Thedude said:

You will most likely need to apply for a waiver. I can’t access the APLs right now but I recall any diagnoses of or treatment for ADHD to be a disqualifying condition. It can be waivered and the flight doc will let you know if and how to do it. 

So I just did a little light reading, I'm gathering the process is that it would be considered for being a disqualifying condition. If it is, which it probably will be given the nature of the medication, then I have to wait a year, get a waiver and then if the waiver gets approved I'm good? 

Really regretting not powering through that BS now. Or just going straight into the flight board as soon as I hit my unit now. 

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