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Between guard and AD, But can I use the flight sims active duty has?

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Sorry for the grammar and all of this crap writing. Sleeping in an airport waiting for a flight home and they've got construction happening.

I know generally where I would like to go but the guard in my state is actively trying to recruit me to stay with them and be a pilot, however what I'm most concerned about is being able to find a job that will actually work for me once I get back from flight school.

with that being said I will say what I'd want more than anything is flying. If I'm going to do 20, which I sure as sh*t will try to do, then I'd at least want to make sure during those 20 I'm well above average, which from what the guard has been saying I will 100% be better than AD in terms of combat effectiveness. But almost every pilot job I've been able to find around the area is 1000+ flight hour requirement or more. Given what I've been seeing as an issue for a bit as just an e4, the pilots who aren't full timers are usually getting screwed out of their flights. So from my point of view the best bet I can see is going AD for the 3 years and coming back with during that time taking as much time in the flight sim as possible to get those loggable flight hours for the FAA but I want to make sure that that would be actually possible.

So if it is how could I get time to go? When nothings going on do I just tell my SWO or LT that I'm going to be a good boy and fly emergency scenarios in the flight sim or what? 

This all came up with a conversation with my cousin who just retired as a CW3 telling me that she was able to get 90 extra hours just flying the sim while she was at an AD base for a couple months, but I dont know if things changed or not.

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Sim hours don’t count for airline minimums in most cases so having extra won’t help. Some sim time is creditable under certain conditions but not to an extent that it’s worth worrying about. 

The Guard/Reserve are far less proficient at their aviation duties compared to active duty in my experience. Their attack battalions are dangerously bad at their jobs. You won’t have the hours coming out of flight school to get a pilot job so unless you get on as full time guard you will be working something else. It will generally take around five years to get the minimum 750 hours for a R-ATP. 

It is rare for active duty pilots to be released to the guard prior to the completion of their flight school ADSO (active duty service obligation) which is now ten years from graduation if flight school. 

Sorry for being a debbie downer but those are the realistic answers. 

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Nah I get it. The same thing was being said by my warrant strength officer (actually everybody in the unit who has deployed with AD) but that our pilots are better. That's what is making this decision hard enough for me to ask. I might just go AD at first to get the hours and whatever BS comes my way though because the politics I keep seeing in the guard is mind boggling. Also given the fact I dont want to be sitting around looking for a civilian job or waiting 8+ years for a ANG slot to open. 

Thanks for the insight though. All I've been getting are the unrealistic BS answers that make me not want to work with them in the first place

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