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Rated Aviator Using GI Bill for Additional Training

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Hello all,

Just wonder what opinions are about a rated Army aviator using their GI Bill after ETS/retirement to go to a college for additional flight training. I could see two benefits to this: a good bridge to learning and applying civilian regulations/techniques and, less importantly, time building.

Would a future employer see this as weird or foolish? I wouldn't see this as a waste of a GI Bill as I already have a non-aviation related 4 year degree and no not intend to go for a masters. The benefits would otherwise just go unused.


Thank you

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I think it has to be used toward some sort of job qualification.  So get your private pilots license would be a no.  But commercial would be OK.  Same with ATP.  For most military helo pilots you probably have what you need for those, just need test or checkrides.  You might have to consider multi engine fixed wing if you want more flight time.

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