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anywone as it the tail boom with the tail rotor with hugues 300C


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hy  every one I'm new in this forum !


         yesterday I have an near by accident with my 300C  ,  in a long  trip I take bottle of water to drink it , when I replace the cap I lost it with my left hand in the fast motion to take that before it fall on ground floor , I hit the cyclic lever roughly and to helicopter start  to make an hammer head and by this way I put the right pedal on the floor freeze like that.

            After retaking my cense I put the cyclic forward to don't make a complete 360 loop , after that I'm was stil spinning at this I'm was sure to die in a crash in the wood in middle of nowere,after that when I have stabilise a little bit my descend , I realise that my left was freze  full foward on the my right rudder , after that I get off my feet on right and apply on the left .     Ater retaking the control of the helicopter  , I land in the first land to decompress, after that I made an inspection , and I realise the chance I had .

The trail rudder had little bit hit the tailbom , I speak with a lot a people an no one have see anthing like that.

     Moral of this history never make anything in a helicopter than piloting and other thing never let free thing on the floor.




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