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EC 145 preflight exceedance check?

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I am new to the 145 and was dumbfounded when I realized i didn't know how to check for exceedances during preflight? I understand that the CAD shows a “MM” mast moment exceedance but what about an NR, torque or OEI exceedance? Where would I see those if there were one? Thank you!




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For any engine FLI exceedance (AEO or OEI) a red "limit" will be displayed just off center on the VEMD. The limit light on the VEMD will start flashing 5 seconds before the time limit for whichever condition you are in (AEO or OEI). image.thumb.png.460e6d5d2f9d4a081f0600e35988dcc8.png

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On 11/28/2023 at 11:15 PM, Weads said:

If there was an exceedance will that light stay on or will it disappear when power is reduced below that limit? How about when the battery is cut off?  Thank you for your reply!

If you exceed the AEO or OEI limits the light will stay on until a mechanic connects a laptop to the fadec to clear the exceedance after the appropriate maintenance checks have been done to the engine that exceeded it’s limits. On the bk with VARTOMS (no fadec) I believe that info is stored in the VEMD or the decu. 

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