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AS350 blades, winds, and tiedown/braces

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Would appreciate a Eurocopter citation for securing the rotor.


I'm having a technical disagreement- one party is concerned about the starflex, the other with the blades and the effect of unrestrained flapping. Specific issue- The blades must be immobilized, braced and tied above "x" windspeed (40 knots?)? Up to that point, autorotation is the only issue?


I believe this is addressed in the maintenance manual.

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I don't have a maintenance manual handy, but our mechanics have been circulating a picture of an AS350 starflex (not ours) that has basically been destroyed by flapping when not restrained, supposedly on an offshore platform.  From what I remember of the D model, starflex damage is the main issue, because the blade flapping breaks the starflex.
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Our policy is to tie the blades down at all times if left more then 5 or 10 minutes or other helicopters are operating in the same area. Regardless of the winds at the time. We have been told about the Starflex cracking problems if the blades are allowed to flap in the wind over time also.


I do not know where, but remember in the last several months someone talking about a recent failure of a starflex. Not sure why, but in less then 5 minutes you can eliminate one possible cause. Cheap insurance.


The only thing that I am aware of is the start up/shut down that is limited to 40 kts. wind in all directions and 50 kts. on the nose. Per the manual. Nothing to do with the starflex/blade flapping problem while shutdown.


The auto's should not be a problem as there is centrifugal forces being applied to the starflex, which makes it stronger.

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