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CFII R22/R44  needs work end of summer

Guest Jason Burkhart

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Guest Jason Burkhart

I am a 100+hour pilot working towards my CFII in R22/R44.

I will have finnished my training by the end of summer.




      Age: 24

      Sex: male

    Hight: 6'1"

  Wieght: 175


   US Citizenship

   Robinson Safety Course scheduled on july 11 2005

   I am happily married and we are willing to relocate.



  Before starting my training in helicopters I had accumulated 18 months of experience in costomer srevice and "people skills".  I have also had years of construction experience, which greatly sharpened my probelem solving abilities.  I love working with people, and I get along with most everyone quite well.  I have been looking for years for the right career that I love and want to stick to for life and I have finally found it!!!

  I have wanted to be a helicopter pilot all my life but untill recently thought it was just a dream.  But now I am well under way.  I am very commited and love what I do.  ::2thumbsat::


  I need an excelent job to get me started in the wonderful world of commercial helicopter pilotage.  I am very honest hard working  commited, very friendly, and I look foreward to hearing from you.    ::thanks::   for your time and consideration.



502 Circula Rosita

Washington, UT 84780


Phone: (Call Anytime) 415-830-0996


e-mail: jaysjaymail@yahoo.com

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Guest dragonfly76
You need 200 hrs to instruct in an R-22. No way a company will even read through your resumee if you have less. And even then you are one among thousands. Trust me, I know. Been in the buisness since 1998. Good luck.
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