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ATTN all you thirtysomethings

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For anyone thinking about considerering military helo training, I know the Army Nat. Guard, and possibly the Active Army? as well, has upped the age limit to 32 y/o from 29 y/o.


You may have thought you missed the window, but check again...


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not trying to put my hands in the cookie jar or anything here guys, but i just got selected on the may board for army aviation active duty and i was just under the age waiver reqs, as of right now on the offical web site for applying the age limit with out a waiver is not to have reached the age of 29 by the date of the convening board and not above 30 or 31 can't remember which one by the completion of flight training.  ill post a web site of the info below.  just trying to put out some good info.  if you heard different my bad, but that might go into affect here soon then.




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NEW! Age limit for 153A Aviation Application increased to 32 years

(Meaning if board starts before your 32nd birthday - you don't need the waiver.

If the board starts the day after your 32nd birthday - you will need the waiver.)


From the link in the previous post

click here


Me  ::rotorhead::  and  ::thanks::

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