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I am single and wanting to travel and see the world. I haven't had the best of luck finding flight schools overseas. Does anyone have any good links or leads?



o Commercial-Helicopter

o Certified Flight Instructor

o Robinson Safety Course

o SFAR 73 Endorsement

o Received all my training at an airport with a field elevation of nearly 4500 and high DA’s, as well as mountain flying being a daily experience

o Extensive experience and training with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and PC/Mac hardware


Flight Time:

o Helicopter: 200.5/140.5 PIC

o Robinson 22 190.5/135.5 PIC

o Robinson 44 10/5 PIC

o Cross Country 55.6 PIC


My hours are low but I am a quick and willing learner. I am interested more in working with a good group of people as a team then be some nameless pilot getting my hours and cashing my checks.

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