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starting my way

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well, i went and took my AFAST test. after the test the E-6 sat down in front of me and started gradeing.. first of all, i freaked out because i didn't want to see her mark anything wrong. she put the answer key over the test and started marking everything on the  paper. i got so mad, i walked outside in the rain paceing back in forth. when i went back in, she was on the last page and was still marking all over the test. i got so upset that i asked her why in the world she was marking my test wrong...!!! she looked at me and started  :laugh:  ing.... NO,NO, i am marking the one's that are right... freaked me out, got all upset for nothing...


final score = 133 AFAST


the LT has put me down for a flight phy. on the 16 of July, and all i have to do between that is get my GT score from a 108 to over a 110...


wish me luck..



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Congrats man,  long time no talk... keep us posted on how you're coming along... once again congrats!!!

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Good luck! I am under way in the paperwork process for WOFT. Former active duty Air Force air traffic controller, but I was up against the age limit. Thank god for the change to 32! I am psyched. I already have the AFAST and ASVAB knocked out. Just waiting to finish my physical, then the interview and then, hopefully, on my way. Any advice for newbies? Thanks!
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i know that 90 is a low score, what is the best score you can get.. i would like to know where i rank, or how well i did.. i was just happy with the score and got out of that place..




Last I heard 135 was the top score. That's what one of the local recruiters told me. I took it in 1988 and scored a 124. Pretty sure they said 135 was top then too.


Way to go.   ::2thumbsat::

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135 isn't the highest on the AFAST, we had a girl get a 168 on her AFAST!!!  I think she broke some record too or something... can't remember
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