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Helicopter Pilot or A&P Position

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Oleksiy LYPKO

Kobbes gate 10

7042 Trondheim


Mobile: 980 35 085  



Dear Sirs,

I am seeking a job as Helicopter Pilot and should be glad to know whether you have any position for me.

I am 49 y. o. pilot and have about 8,400hrs in the air on the whole: jets, props and helicopters.

I have graduated from the Civil Aviation University in Kyiv and qualified as Mechanics-Engineer for Aircraft’s and Power Plants’ Maintenance as well.


My reason for applying is a lack flying here in Ukraine and my personal

interest in World-wide Aviation.


I hope to hear from you soon. I am ready to complete any form you request and leave for any place you propose to fly there.

If you cannot help me, please, pass my letter and resume to any firm you know have vacancy. Thank you in advance.


Best regards,

Oleksiy LYPKO, pilot.


Oleksiy LYPKO

Kobbes gate 10

7042 Trondheim.

Mobile: 980 35 085  


P.S. Sending my CV below for information.


Oleksiy LYPKO

vul. Molodizhna, 52-53

Ivano-Frankivs’k, 76009


tel: +(380) 3422 71736

E-mail: olypko@hotmail.com


OBJECTIVE:                   Any pilot’s position for aircraft (helicopter or airplane) operation.


SUMMARY:                     Over 20 years of flight experience of 8,400h in the air on the whole.                    

Experience of passenger and cargo long-range flights.

AG in Asia and transportation’s in the Far North, flights at day and night time visually and by instrumental means, landings in highlands and in plane places on the grounds choused from the air included. Instructor pilot.



EXPIERIENCE: Fixed Wings: L-29(jet fighter) - 51hrs


                      MiG-15(jet fighter) -26hrs


                      MiG-17(jet fighter) -26 hrs


                      An-2 (single prop biplane, Gmax=5,500kG, Loading-         1,500kG, 12passengers)            -1.900hrs

Passenger and cargo long-range flights, AG, Medical Service.

PIC-440hrs, FO-1,460hrs.


                       Mi-2 (two-engined  jet  helicopter) Gmax=3,750kG, Loading-800kG, 8 passengers)  - 6,400hrs.

Passenger and cargo  flights, AG, Medical Service, Map Survey, Power-line and Pipeline (oil and gas) Patrol, Forestry and Fire Protection, Flight Instructor.

PIC -6,000hrs. Instrument -180hrs, Night -370hrs.



2000-2001       Instructor-Pilot of the "Skif-Avia" Air Company in Donetsk, UKRAINE.


1998-2000 Pilot of the “Universal-Avia” State AirTransportation  Airways in Rivne, UKRAINE.


1977-1998 Pilot of the “Universal-Avia” State Air Transportation Airways in Ivano-Frankivs’k, UKRAINE.


1976 Mechanic of the “Aeroflot” Division in Omsk, RUSSIA.


1975-1976 Fitter of the “Works No.409” of Civil Aviation in Dnipropetrovs’k, UKRAINE.


1973-1974 Fitter for the “Aircraft Motorbuilding Plant” in Zaporizhzhia, UKRAINE.


EDUCATION: The International University of Civil Aviation in Kyiv.

Higher School Diploma on Aircraft and Engines maintenance.


PERSONAL: Born in Ukraine on 25 Apr, 1953.

Married three children.

Excellent health for intensive work.

Tall and attractive, easy-going and well disposed.

Interested in sports, skydiving, many useful skills.

Driver (License for “B” and “C” categories).


REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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