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Kiwi Pilot Looking for Break

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Low-time NZ CPL-H exploring opportunities


Finished CPL-H in Auckland, New Zealand with 155hrs TT This includes Jetranger type rating, night-flying, sling, and plenty of mountain & X-try flying. After the project that I was supposed to go flying for here in Indonesia failed I'm now looking as to whether I can use my CPL-H anywhere else. I have studied business & int'l economics at university both in Australia & Europe. I'm also more than willing to relocate anywhere in the world, I've done it plenty of times and am more than happy to work for minimum wage if it means I get to fly! Otherwise I'll be stuck in the boring desk-job after all. For more information see my resume at http://www.ancona.be/paul/paul_info.htm



Contact: Paul Haubourdin

Email: theflyingbelgian@yahoo.co.nz

Telephone: +628174851728



Jl. Cempaka Putih

Tengah XXIIa No.23

10550 Cempaka Putih

Jakarta, Indonesia

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