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Schwitzer 300 flight training books

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I know of nothing downloadable, but you should be able to find the following used:


Schweizer/Jeppesen Helicopter Pilot Manual

Schweizer 300CB/CBi Information Manual (Pilot Flight Manual)

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Your searches will have more accurate results if you spell "Schwitzer" as "Schweizer".  I'm not aware of anything downloadable.  Depending on what your're looking for, Jeppesen has the "Helicopter Pilot Manual" which is a full helicopter PPL/CPL course written in conjunction with Schweizer. An excellent resource. They also have a separate companion "Helicopter Pilot Syllabus" which most Part 141 schools use as their syllabus, and a "Model 300CB Information Manual" which is basically an abridged version of the CB's POH.
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I trained in the 300 in Daytona Florida.  Check out www.tomlinsonaviation.com . They have a training package that has a very good book that deals directly with the 300.  Great school!
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