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Looking for challenging position worldwide

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32-year-old German is looking for a challenging position as commercial pilot worldwide.


Personal Data:


Name: Frank Proeber


E-mail: Frank.Proeber@epost.de


Date of birth: July 16th, 1970

Height/ Weight: 72”/ 175 lbs.

Nationality: German

Marital Status: Single

Language Skills: German, English and French




FAA PHPL (Private Helicopter Pilot License)

FAA Advanced Ground Instructor

FAA CHPL (Commercial Helicopter Pilot License)

FAA CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)


LBA PHPL (German Private Helicopter Pilot License)

BZF 1 (Flight Radiotelephone Operator`s Certificate)

LBA CHPL (German Commercial Helicopter Pilot License, ICAO)



Flight Time:


Total Helicopter: 1978:04 h


PIC Helicopter: 1842:41 h                           Airplane: 15:40 h


EC 120               42:55 h

Bell 206            288:35 h

Bell 407              73:28 h

BO 105               23:25 h  

Robinson R22      178:39 h

Robinson R44    1137:22 h

Hughes 269        141:49 h

Enstrom F28         91:54 h


Turbine (total)  428:20 h            Piston (total)  1549:44 h

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