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Any Agencies Recruiting Pilots?


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If you were willing to do your time and would enjoy being a street cop for a while, you would probably have a good chance of getting picked up by an agency.  Otherwise, you are going to have to get hired on by a private company that contracts out.  Knowing So Cal is great, but you dont need to know how to get from L.A. to San Diego, you need to know the streets, ally's, and obscure places in the city or county you work in specifically.  Being Bi lingual would help you on the street, but your not going to have much use for Spanish while your flying.  Except for an occasional loud party break up announcement.  Its a long process, but if your willing to put your time in its well worth it.  You may wait years, or could get a part time slot soon after your probation is over.  Find a department you want to work for first, then research the air unit second.  There is nothing wrong with letting people know what you want, but be humble and willing to do the time.  I grew up in So Cal, and know a lot of the agencies there.  Feel free to PM me.
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SDPD....Your looking at about 10 years before you ever get the chance.  That is a BIG department, with very little, if any, turn over in the unit. You want to look for a department that does not train their own pilots.  That really weeds out the applicants.  Guess what SDPD has also......a lot of retired military pilots!

There are a lot of agencies that would benefit from your training.  DEFINITELY look at CHP.  www.chp.net There are a lot of opportunities with them.  Provided your background is lagit, they would trip over themselves to get a hold of you.  Of course, you could go anywhere in the state initially, but when I was in Air Crew school, there were some flight officer who had less that 5 years on as cops.   They have the Cessna 206's and the B3's.  


Some others:


Riverside County Sheriff  - B3's, OH-58

Riverside Police  MD-500E's

Costa Mesa/Newport Beach  EC120

Huntington Beach MD-520N's

Burbank  500E's

Hawthorne  500E's

Pasadena  206

Pomona PD.....(I think)

Corona Police 407

Glendale PD  520N's

Ontario PD A-Stars

San Bernardino County Sheriff.....You name it they probably have it!  

Orange County S.O.


Just rememeber though....most Sheriff Depts you are going to work the jail and courts for a few yeas before you even get out to the patrol training program.  


Get a map, and look up every PD and S.O on the web site, find the ones who have air units. Research the Dept, then research the Air Unit.  And maybe call and talk to them.  But be careful because you dont want of come off like you are doing them a favor by offering your services!


Expect the process to be long, plan that you will need to be working other assignments (well rounded) and that it could take several years, and that there will be many other senior officers , who have great reputations waiting for that spot.  Keep in mind also...the unit probably wont need PILOTS....They will be recruiting for observers.  Thats where you start.  They ain't going to let you touch the cyclic until they know your going to be sticking around. Several of the officers on this site have said it before.  If you become a cop only to find a stable flying job, look elsewhere.  Because you will make a lously cop, and lously cops don't get anything!

In the words of Sean Connery in the Untouchables......"What are you prepared to do?"

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Hey FP,


I am trying to PM you but I am getting an "Internal Server Error"...


Anyway, I really appreciate the info on the SDPD...and I would highly appreiciate all the info you can get me for the CHP. I remember I applied to the CHP back when I was 19 yrs but was rejected because I needed to be 20 1/2 years old...a long time ago. At that time I had a '89 Mustang 5.0 LX, the same one the CHP had (I loved that car) and thought, how cool would it be to drive one and get paid....yup, I was 19 yrs old! :P  


I'm 36 yrs old now. Is that too old?


Let me know what you find out...thanks again!


Email me at goflyhelo@yahoo.com


- Ruben

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Yes the co.i work for is currently recruiting off-shore pilots.check just helicopters.com name of co.Bristow Caribbean.This was once Bristow Helicopters.It is now part of the Air Log group.Easy flying,good pay for expats.,unlike us locals.Capts.,expat gets around 5-6000U.S.$per month,you will need to work out the details with co.PHONE.1-868-669-8102ext.243 ask for Chief Pilot.GOOD LUCK
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The orange county sheriff has a-stars and the MD-600.  Currently they are spending 6-8 years in the jails, then they want you to have "street" time.  San Bernardino sheriff require 5 years expierence of which three years have to be on the street.  The same is true for LAPD.
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