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U.K Pilot (J.A.R LICENCE)looking for employment

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Full Name:      Mark Westwood  

Date of Birth:  19/02/1968  

E-Mail:  westym@btinternet.com  

Telephone:  00447818098049  

Nationality:  British    

Current Location:  U.K  

Health:  Good (Class 1 medical)  

Marital status:  single  

Languages:  English/German  

Sex:  male  

Work sought as:  pilot (helicopter)  


Licences held:

JAR-FCL C.P.L (h) (C.A.A UK),(Theory A.T.P.L)


Helicopter hours :T/T 1024

Type ratings      :Rob R22, Bell 206, AS 350 B/B1/B2/B3


Employment History :

Employer 1 : H.M Armed forces

Ex British Commando forces (Green beret),qualified in Field engineering skills (explosives,demolitions,bridging,warter supply and construction)Joined military in 1984,left on completion of 6 years service in 1990.


Employer 2 : Warwickshire Police

Joined warwickshire police on leaving the military as a police constable recieved training in persuit and responce driving, crime investigation/forensic services,cognitive interviewing, risk assesment,riot and crowd control ect............Joined in 1990.

Employer 3 : Coventry Helicopters

Basic base and line commercial Pilot.Standard charter work.


Employer 4 : Self

Various commercial charter operations,majority is public transport work.Base and line checked with Heli Centre (Coventry and Blackpool)


Extra information :

Also received training in heli underwarter escape,ground control manager and fire control officer.I have also passed all theory exams up to ATPL (h).




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