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Commercial Pilot/CFI/CFII availiable!!

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Highly motivated helicopter pilot (COM/CFI/CFII), bilingual english/german, ready to move.


225h+ TT, 208h+ R22, 10h dual given, little CB300/Bell47 time.

Since most flying has been done in the Pacific Northwest, I have become experienced in flying in a variety of terrain, meteorological conditions and airspace.  


I am a hard working team-oriented person who would appreciate the opportunity to fly for a busy flight school/commercial operator.



Fon: (503) 846 1754


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Guest Rotor Driver

I wish I could offer you more than my heart felt "good luck"!


It is going to be a long hard road with 225 hours.  My question to you would be "why helicopters"?  I am assuming that you are still a young man.  Jump into a starch wing and you will have a much better chance of making a decent living in the flying professions.

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