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Help w/ career path

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Hi, I have my private and I should be finishing up my instrument in the next month or so.  Next will be my commercial, then probably a CFI.  My question is, what are my chances of getting a job w/o the usual CFI route?  I assume they're next to nothing, and if thats the case, how would you recommend going about this?  Federal or local, I don't particularly care, I just know I want to fly for law enforcement at some point in my career.  I've heard that many places require you to be an officer for a year or two before you are hired as a pilot; is this generally the case?  Thanks for any info.


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This whole forum is post after post of people asking that identical question.  Im curious....why do you want to be a law enforcement pilot vs. any other type of flying?  


I'd like to throw something out.  For those of you who are not in law enforcement I'd be interested to read about what attracts you to police aviation vs, any other type of flying.


Then, for those who are in law enforcement as a whole, not just aviation guys/gals, post a little about what attracted you to ASU, and did you join with the ultimate goal of ASU and how long did it take for you to get there, and the steps you took.  I was having a conversation with some people, and I noticed some distinct differences in motivations for the two groups.  None of which were negative at all. But I think the perspective is much different.


Then after we get some posts, Id like to see the contrast between the two motivations.

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To: “Flying Pig”


I don’t fly law enforcement but there would be two (or three) reasons why it would appeal to me.


1. “Serve & Protect” people (“on roids”) because of the advantages a helicopter has over a ground patrol vehicle in deploying some very effective technology as well as the abilities inherent in the rotorcraft itself (speed and flying characteristics).




2. “Type of Flying” (high & low / fast & slow mix and mission mix) pursuits, criminal search, search and rescue, whatever, all of the things generally (read WAY) outside the milk runs of ferrying tourists, corporate types, & oil rig workers that make up most of the jobs in helicopter flying outside of the military.




3. (Half Seriously) If the chicks dig a guy in uniform with a badge and a gun, just think what adding helo wings to the mix will get ya.  





(I think I just talked myself into it – where do I apply!!!!)



(my two cents + one for good measure)

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Well I wanted to be a cop until I started flying, now all I want to do is fly, and I don't really want to be stuck on the ground for years before I get to fly.  It makes it even harder to do that now that I fly regularly.  I still want to "serve and protect" if that makes any sense.  What kind of hour requirements are you usually looking at for these jobs?
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Well, here's one from the other side of the spectrum.  I am an experienced civilian pilot, no military, no instructing, all utility.  Spent many years living the nomad pilot lifestyle in order to get where I am, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Got married and was looking for flight ops that wouldn't bore me to death while allowing me to be home every day.


That was m primary reason, but as I progress, I'm finding it to be guite satisfying.

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After 15 years in the Air Force, I was due for a ground job. Didn't want that, and a vacancy was advertised in the state police air wing.


Hopped across, did the basic flatfoot training, was ordained as a cop with wings, and flew with them for 6 years. Very satisfying work. Shame about the d1ckhead non-aviators who ran the show, in the end made it too political and frustrating to work there.

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