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I think it's great you want to do all of those things, shows great motivation.  I would recommend though, just get your private, commercial, instrument ticket, and CFI.......and then worry about the rest.  During all of your training, you'll come across many contacts, and that will help build your knowledge...of the helicopter industry.  


Just my 2 cents....


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I'm just getting into the helicopter industry, but I'll tell you what I believe is going on.


Fixed wing pilots are more common for a variety of reasons:


1) It's cheaper to fly fixed wing aircraft

2) It's safer to fly (there are not as many rotating parts on fixed wing aircraft that there are on helicopters, meaning, you're more likely to have something to go wrong in a helicopter.)

3) I'm sure there's other reasons but I can't think of any others right now.


Many of the high time pilots from the baby boomer generation are starting to retire.


Yes, people do need to fill these positions.

Yes, there is over-advertising for more helicopter pilots.


I also believe that there will be an excess supply of pilots in the future from all the students these flight schools are pumping out like crazy. Salares will ultimately go down since there are more people to do the job. It will then become an even more competitive field, because one person WILL do what you're unwilling to do.


If you're looking for a change, obviously you're not happy where you are now. My parents have always told me to do what I want to do, and they'll back me up 100% of the way. This is why I am choosing to fly helicopters for the rest of my life, because it's something I want to do and it would make me happy.


So, if you think it would make you happy... don't worry about the competition, because it shouldn't make a difference if you give it your all.


Once again, what I've said are things I've heard on my quest to get started. Someone clarify if I am correct in what I've mentioned.


Good luck on your quest for a change. Be safe and most importantly, do what will make you happy.

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I like Rob2K enthusiasm, that's good.  




Hours vs. Accidents=Bell 206 was the safest of ALL flying aircraft to date.  Those stats might have changed, but they did exist a few years ago.  


You fly helicopters because you LOVE it....NOT like it.  You won't be rich, but you can live comfortably.  


You give your all, but's that's not all that matters(ie: # 1=skills as a pilot, HOURS, decision making, type of personality you have(leader or a follower), basic skills and abilities, but...if you have 2 out of 3...and the 3rd your an A-hole....not going to get far!  It's who you know, your network.....very important.  I tried to go the route of tuna boat pilot, but was naive, and didn't get far.  But I learned my lesson.  Trial and error...on the ground ONLY!  


Read the forum on justhelicopters.com(not pimping the website)....you'll see a lot of bitter pilots.  They're upset about management....how the business is ran.  Let the pilots fly the aircraft first, and worry about the rest.  


Worry about the competition, but don't let it discourage you.  There will always be someone with more hours, more experience, and have a better education then you....but that doesn't mean, you won't get the job.  It's how you present yourself, and not being a cocky MF'r, just a confident, in YOUR abilities, as a pilot, and as a person.  


Learning how to fly, is an awesome experience, just like learning how to drive a car was(BUT much cooler)...BUT.....now do it day in/day out 8-12 hours a day, and it can be a bit mundane....repetitive.....BUT...look where your OFFICE is??  1% of the popuation are pilots, and even less, if you fly helicopters!!




Once you have flown

You will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward

For there you have been

There you long to return

-Leonardo de Vinci

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