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Free email for helicopter pilots @ helipost.com


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For those who don't know me (I suspect that's the majority here), I'm chief flight instructor at a school in Minnesota. I also maintain a couple of websites, which brings us to the point.


I have quite a lot of excess server space and capacity, so I have decided to start up a free service for poor nomad helicopter pilots. All you have to do is write me here:


- with the following info:


-Your name (first and last)

-your desired logon (as in 'xxx'@helipost.com)

-your desired password

-something that convinces me you're a pilot!


I plan to offer and maintain this service/site for many years (it costs very little for the server space, so no big deal). There's no hidden agenda, just thought I'd do my part to help us pilots stay in touch.


I also have space available for hosting photos - if you need something hosted, send it to me at: photo@helipost.com - I'll get it uploaded and get back to you with the URL.


Please be patient - I am working pretty much every day, so I can only take care of this in the evenings, and I have no idea how big of a response I might get.



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Update - folks have been signing up, great!


For new requests, please submit in this format:




Requested logon: (do not add the @helipost)




...and of course, some evidence that you are a pilot. (Why this? Because I want to provide the service to pilots, and I don't have the resources to provide unlimited email to everyone!)


You'll get an autoresponder, then I'll get back to you ASAP. If you are unable to check your email (or emailed from someone else's address), try logging in HERE and entering your user ID and password.


Thanks everyone!

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