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Some days are bad...


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...and some days are very good indeed! :cool:


It's been a while since I've been particularily active on these boards, but I hope I will be able to rectify this situation in the near future. However, I'm just writing to let you all know that I passed my CPL(H) checkride today - so now I have a license to learn!




I am also lucky enough to have gotten the job as Chief Ground Instructor at my school, and with my commercial ticket, I'll be able to do some flying for them too... I'll be getting my flight instructor certificate as soon as I am able. (We need 300 flight hours for that under JAA regulations, so with my (nearly) 190 hours, I'll have to work a bit to get there!)


To all you guys and gals out there who are still in training, or haven't landed your first job yet: Just hang tight, work hard and stay safe, and things will work out for you! Good luck to you all!



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You got an Inst ticket with that?

No, that's a bit more difficult under JAA rules than it is in the US, since they now demand a certain number (can't remember exactly at the moment) of flight hours in a twin engine, IFR certified helicopter, which makes the cost of an instrument ticket alone at least 30,000 US Dollars... Which is more than I can afford after having spent almost three times that amount already on my CPL... I think the IR certificate will have to wait for a while... :D

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