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Computer Commercial Test Prep

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Anyone know of a good software or online test prep program for Commercial Helicopter? I've been using MyWrittenExam.com and I am thinking of purchasing ASAs  "Prepware - Commercial Pilot 2006" CD ROM unless there's a better suggestion.





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I am VERY satisfied with Dauntless Software's GroundSchool FAA Written Test Prep software. ::2thumbsat:: You can download and try it for free and decide if the inexpensive price is worth it to you.  http://www.faatest.com/


I used to be a big fan of Gleim - until my helicopter written tests.

Ditto on Dauntless! I have used it for the three pilot tests I've taken - most recently, the helo comm one - and I highly recommend it.  Try it in the demo mode (free) to see what you think. It is very configurable and I used that feature to great effect - e.g. you can limit the questions you're given to a certain topic, and/or a certain number of questions, etc. It also has visual modes that emulate the various types of software that the testing centers use - e.g. LaserGrace, etc.


I got a 99 on the real test - the question I missed was one of those that are not published by the FAA and thus wasn't in the study software.


Be sure to get a printed copy of the FAA diagrams/figures book that is used for the actual test - FAA-CT-8080-1B "Computer Testing Supplement" - that makes it a lot easier to read/see the diagrams/maps/etc. than trying to look at them on-screen.


good luck,


Dave Blevins

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Again, you can't go wrong with the Dauntless software. Used it for my CFI tests and got in the 90's after just a few hours of prcatice. Plus, you can't find any free CFI tests on line. Since you have to pay for each section seperately (Private, Commercial, CFI) I would purchase the CFI and use it to study for the Commercial and CFI. The CFI Rotorcraft is pretty much the same as the Commercial except maybe it has a few tougher questions. Plus you have those free Commercial tests online.
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