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Happy Birthday Marine's


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Hello all

I know this isn't helo related, but I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to all of the Marines on this forum, past and present. "Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine" And to also say a word of thanks to the fine young men and woman that are carrying on the proud tradition of the Marine Corps these days over here (I'm in Afghanistan) and in Iraq. For all that do not know. November 10, 1775 was the birth of the United States Marine Corps, and today marks 230 years of pride, honor and tradition. Every year, from then to know and beyond, Marines around the world celebrate the Birth of our Marine Corps with formal and informal get togethers. Every Marine has 2 birthdays. The day they were born, and on the day he/she became a Marine, another birthday was earned. November 10, 1775. So for all the Marine's here I wish you a happy birthday For everyone that has a Marine family member or knows a Marine, wish them a happy birthday. Thanks everyone for listening, and I wish everyone here a safe and prosperous future


Semper Fi

Chuck   ::cheers::

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