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MaunaLoa Helicopters in Hawaii

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Thats where I am going. You planning on the Big Island school or one of the others? I am at the Oahu branch which is the only island to have a B classified airspace.


The school is very laid back and has some really knowledgeable instructors. I fly barefoot and shirtless when I solo. :D


The big island has quite a few choppers and Oahu only has one as of now. It is pretty windy but that makes you a better pilot all around.


If ya got any more questions just ask.


Aloha, Stu

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I fly barefoot and shirtless when I solo


Sounds like fun and all... but if you were involved in an accident during one of your solo's dressed that way, I doubt the NTSB would look too favorably at you. If that accident was fatal, you better believe that you would live in infamy as the 'barefoot and shirtless' guy when the report starts spreading. I had a cold realization during the robinson safety course, I was darned sure I didn't want my death to be used as an example to others!


just some food for thought....      ::whistle::

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Thanks Stu,


I'm not sure where yet, I havn't really checked it out yet.  Why did you pick Oahu?  How many students do you think are there at any given time?  you get to fly when you want or are there scheduling probs?





Pretty much for the Class B. Its alot busier here so it gets your radio calls and traffic management well tuned.


We only really have a couple of PPL students here. I'll be doing my checkride this week so 1 less for ya to worry about.


We use flightschedulepro.com so as long as you schedule it early you can pretty much fly when ya want.










Dangerouslyclose, I didnt see anywhere in the FARAIM where it said you have to be properly attired to fly? Do you really think the NTSB is going to say it was my fault that some local shot my TR off and I crashed and died because I didnt have a shirt or shoes on?


I'm more worried about my flying then I am the NTSB and being an example.





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Well Stu


If you want to take it in that direction I will further my comments. If you want to be treated as a professional in this industry, which I hope you do, your "attire" or lack of it speaks volumes about your attitude towards aviation. You may not think so yourself, but that is how people will view you.


But hey that's just me, do whatever floats your boat man, I am curious that you only dress that way when flying solo. That would connote that your CFI would not like it??

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* edited post *


The guy likes to fly shirtless/shoeless... oh well, it's only when he does solo flights.


He probably would dress professionally if it called for it, for example, during a commercial operation.

Thanks man.














The guy came in asking a question and you want to hijack by giving me an etiquette lesson. I want to fly helis. Who cares if I do it shirtless? Theres a guy down here who gives tours out of turtle bay with his dog in the heli. In my honest opinion this is what makes this rock the best place to fly. The attitude is all hawaiian. Nice and easy and laid back. Mauna loa helicopters reflects this. As long as you learn your stuff and apply yourself its "no worries".


You obviously take this too seriously. You seem to care alot more about what other people think of you. First the NTSB and now the Industry. Theres a time to be serious and theres a time to enjoy yourself. Would I show up to an interview in my board shorts, slippas and a wifebeater, no.


I respect everything about flying and respect everyone who chooses to fly a rotorwing.


The only reason I dont fly shirtless with my CFI is because I'm a little self concious about my tummy.


You do what you feel is necessary where you are and I will continue enjoying this wonderful sunny place.





Aloha, Stu.

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I am a student at Mauna Loa Helicopters out of Oahu also.


I think Stu hit the nail on the head why Oahu is a great place to learn how to fly. You can always fly early and have a nice smooth flight or go a little later and get some good familiarization with wind gusts. Also, since it is operated out of HNL, you will gain a lot of experience operating in a very busy airspace.


As for flying shirtless/shoeless, it is by no means a requirement. The instructors all dress professionally, especially given the relaxed atmosphere here in Hawaii. Not only do they dress spiffy, but they are great instructors too!


The only downside to learning out of Oahu vice the Big Island is that for your X-Country solo flight you have to go to the Big Island. But, I wouldn't consider that a 'down side' as much as I would an excuse to take a trip to the Big Island!

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I fly with MLH at Kona occasionally when we vacation there (3x per year), and generally I have found the instructors to be very good. I got to do some full-down autos with one CFI there but he's not there anymore (flying turbines now I think) - that was fun! Also, their flight/CFI prices are very competitive with what I can get around here (SF Bay Area), which is surprising given that expenses in Hawaii are generally higher than on the mainland.


BTW I just got back from last week's Robinson factory safety school, and I met two guys that are currently training at Kona. They told me that MLH will very shortly be taking delivery of an R44 instrument trainer at KOA - that would be a fine ship to get the instrument ticket in!


Dave Blevins

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Stu, stop taking this as a personal attack on you. That was not at all why I 'hijacked' the thread - which really was not my intention at all. Yes, I do take flying very seriously but yes I agree with you that your appearance has nothing to do with how you will actually fly your helicopter. My first post was an attempt at humor which blew up in my face, no offence intended. Sorry it upset you so much, fly safe.
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