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CFI Renewal

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For years I just went to the AOPA week end seminars to renew my flighti instructors certificate.  I have done it on line the last three times. AOPA/Jepperson, American Flyers and Gliem. They are all about the same. I have not attended the HAI one so I would not know. I like doing it on line. It simple quick and not expensive.  I miss the old days thou, at the AOPA there would be 300 to 400 instructors at a seminar, the last one I went to we were all a lot older and maybe 80 in attendance. On line is the way to go.
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.....or you can go the Gold Seal route if:


-you have signed off 10 or more students in the last two years

-your students have a 80% or better pass rate (a fail, then pass counts as TWO rides.)

-you hold an instrument rating on your commercial cert.

-you are an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)


If you can prove all that, just take it to the FSDO and they issue you a renewed CFI certificate with the Gold Seal.


One note: You'll need your student's full name, date of checkride, and one of the following: certificate #, SSN, and/or birthdate.

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Ya know, I did the HAI (Rolls Royce) refresher for about 20 years.  It progressively got to the point that you no longer were learning anything, just putting in your time.  The last straw was having Pete Gillies (Western Ops) do a seminar on mountain flying.  At that point I realized that there had to be a better way.


I now do the Gleim online course.  Couldn't be happier.  I recommend it highly.  Remember to print out all of the practice tests, though.  Once you are ready to take the final, all of the answers are right there.  The format leans toward the fixed wing side, but don't worry.  You'll learn a lot.  Good luck.

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Another way is to attend a factory safety course, and I think it is the best way, if you can not do it through sign off's. I have attended a state aviation department run course, the AOPA, course and the only one that was interesting and really helicopter specific was the factory course. AOPA course was all fixed wing, and instrument oriented. I was the only person there that was strictly a Helicopter instructor. Factory safety course is the only way to go if you, can afford it, and don't have enough sign off's, in my opinion. ???
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