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Vegas R44 operators


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I'm going to be out in Vegas in December and I'd like to get a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon / Vegas strip.  I need the SFAR 73 mandated BFR in the R44 so I thought I could knock out both at the same time.  Any operators out there that could do this?


Also, if anyone knows any private owners in Vegas, please PM their email address or phone number.  Or they can email me....





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Well my wife and I made it out to Vegas last week and we flew with Geno at Leading Edge at Boulder City Airport in a R44RII. WHAT AN AWESOME TIME!!! I hadn't flown a Robinson in about a year and a half, so I made a fool out of myself with the pedals for the first few minutes.


We didn't get to fly to the Grand Canyon because of all the SFAR's about having to be 135 and paying all kinds of fees. So we flew around all the local mountains and rock formations. Being from Illinois, we are impressed by 1000' elevation changes......The 11,000' Mt. Charleston on the northwest side of Las Vegas was INCREDIBLE! I had never been that high in a helicopter.


We flew over Hoover dam, Lake Mead, the Strip, etc.


If anyone is going out to Vegas and wants to take a tour or just do some fun flying, make sure you call these guys. It is a very professionally run operation with great instructors and helicopters. They're about 20-25 minutes south of the Strip and offered to pick me up at my hotel if I didn't have a car. Their airport is about a 5 minute drive from Hoover Dam if you want to check that out too--VERY COOL.




Here's Geno and I.....I'm the good lookin' one:




Had a great time man! -Jonathan

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