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CFI or commercial work needed

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Hello, my name is Sara

I am interested in CFI or any commercial work.  I am ready to start today and willing to relocate.  


Email: saranolan2002@yahoo.com


Contact # (480) 488-6465


Height/weight: 62"/105 lbs


Licenses: CFI, Commercial IFR Helicopter


Flight time: 237 TT


Robinson R22: 172 tt

Robinson R44: 65 tt

Above 5000 ft DA: 49.5

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Guest Huey

Hi Sara.

I looked up your resume on rotorwash.com and I'm impressed! Unfortunately I'm just a student myself so I can't help you out job wise. I wish you the best of luck though. Let us know how things are going for you.

Take care

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Did you try HSI already?


Helicopter Services,inc. is looking for a R-22 qualified CFI.

Robinson factory course, and CFII preferred.


Tel (281) 370 4354

Fax (281) 251 1207



THey were looking a few weeks ago.


Keep at and someone will hire you! I have a friend who didn't start flying until she was in her late 30's and she just kept at, She's now flying EMS.


Your weight is a big plus for the R-22's. If I were you I would call up every R-22 owner in the world and find out who can use you. A friend of mine bypassed the CFI route as a corporate R-22 pilot (believe it or not). There is someone out there who will hire you.



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Try Advanced Helicopter Concepts in Baltimore area.

We are accepting resumes, and need a CFI within the next 2 weeks.

Full schedule including a lot of photo flights.

You need a S-FAR sign off and the more R-22 time the better.

email to ; otter712@hotmail.com, or call 301-694-5313 and ask for me.


Ron Otterloo

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