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I am searching for someone or a company to 'sponsor' me in learning to fly helicopters. I am a PPL(A) living in the U.K. with some 2800 flying hours gained flying Pawnees, Cubs, Scouts and the like. I also spent time in the army in an air squadron as an observer in Sioux and Scout. I am also a gliding instructor.

Now for the heart strings bit.... 2 years ago I suffered a Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage (SAH). The severity of the SAH was such that a long recovery was on the cards should I survive at all. I did survive but not before the bank in their wisdom foreclosed on my business leaving me virtually penniless. It had been my ambition to convert my fixed wing licence to a helicopter licence - this is now a fading dream as my finances are in a pretty bad way. I am now 54 with lots of years left!

So are there any rich benefactors out there who could help or any companies that might lend a hand? I am more than willing to enter a contract to provide pilot services in order to repay funding - so sponsorship by say, Harrods or Richard Branson perhaps...


Please do contact me my email is adal@webits.co.uk


here is hoping.....

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