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Eurocopter B0105


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i was wondering if any one on here could help me find some links of some sort or infomation that could be helpfull ive been looking around on the net and i cant find much about its statistics or how it works or operation of the air craft iim really strugling here wondeirng if you oculd posibly help me thanks for your time reading this


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Hi "terror",


I quite don't understand what you excactly are looking for?

The Bo 105 is a nice helicopter with a ridgid rotor head, giving ist very good manouverebilty.

It can take quite a beating - and has only very few bad habits - which you normally won't encounter, as long as you fly it to the book.

It's a twin, running with two Allision C20 turbines

And there are quite a variety of types underway - the short ones, the stretched CBS-versions with more space for passengers, the military ones. - with different limitations about the TQ and so on.


So what excactly are you looking for?


if you want to by one, Eurocopter is selling a few



Greetings "Flying Bull"

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I have another idea... If you approached an owner nicely, a cooperative owner may provide you with some info. You can do some detective work and research owners on this page. Some may even be close by...

Maybe they can show you the manuals or provide information orally, email, etc., that you are interested in. ;)

Good luck...

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