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Hello Everyone,


I have created a list of 75+ helicopter flight schools on my favorites list in my Internet Explorer Browser that I would be happy to send to anyone interested. Most of the schools on the list are from my own personal research, the rest of them come from other lists that I have seen. You might ask what makes this list better than the others... The answer to that question is:


1. The list has been "filtered". I have individually looked at every one of these websites extensivley in my own search for a school and therefore have eliminated alot of "undesireable" schools. For example, if a flight school only offered to train you for a PPL and nothing more I did not put it on the list, as I wanted to go all the way to CFII, or if the flight school was one of those sites that offered "instant liscenses" for "almost free" (you know what I mean) then I definately didn't want to have them on my list. these are just a few examples, others include more personal reasons that may differ with each person. In general though you will find the huge majority of good schools on this list, In my opinion.



2. The other benefit is that if you add it to your favorites list in Internet Explorer or any other browser you can just click on the link and observe the webpage without having to have multiple web pages open. Once you are done looking at any specific link you just click on another and it directs you to that website which makes for very easy browsing...versus the Excel list on the VR website as you usually have to enter the URL into your browser which can be a pain, also, alot of the links on the Excel list are not even working now. (The purpose of this listing is definately not to bash any of the other lists out there or the hard work that the creators have put into making them. But rather to make you aware of a possibly helpful recource :) )


I will be quick to add that not every school on the list is good or recommended, rather I thought it was worth listing, likewise, you won't find every good school on the list as I have tried to include them but It would be rather difficult to get 100% of them, but what you will find is a good list overall. If I've missed a school that you thought was good, please let me know as it would help me and hopefully many others.


My goal with this posting is to help others find a good school and save some time in their research. As I have alot more free time than most it wasn't that bad doing as much research as I did, I have spent most of my free time researching Helicopter stuff! (over 300 hours worth which equals days, weeks, months!) so I hope this is something that will help alot of people. I'm not an expert at all, but if you get the list and want to know what I think of a particualar school I'd be happy to tell you as I have a pretty good feel for the ones on the list. Hope this Helps. ASK AND I'LL SEND IT TO YOU!!! (and if you have already asked for it, then its on its way! :D )



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