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Stick Jump

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Is anyone doing the stick-jump test after every start, or before every takeoff? Our checklists only call for it on the first start of the day, during the complete systems checks. In light of the recent NTSB report on the Copterline accident in the Baltic, it seems to me that more frequent checks may be prudent, especially considering that it only takes a couple of seconds to do it. Anyone else care to chime in with your practices and/or experiences?

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What is a stick jump?

It is a test for the S76 to ensure that there is no feeling of a "jump" when the hydraulic system is switched from Both to Sys 1 to Sys 2 and back to Both. If there is a jump, it could indicate binding in one of the servo actuators.


A recent crash in Finland (? or Iceland?) may have been caused by a servo extending to full range and not retracting, and such a problem should have been preceded by binding. Perhaps... :blink:

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Our checklist only calls for it on the first flight of the day, but I can definitely see the reason to do it prior to every T/O. Can't imagine having a servo lockup in flight would be anything too fun.

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