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Happy Holidays everyone!


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I don't normally post this sort of holiday greeting but it's been a great year of helicopter flying for this private pilot, who had the fortune to:


- fly an R44 from Virginia Beach to California in 2! days (22.4 logged hours) in September; and

- got to attend the awesome Robinson Factory Safety Course in November, and fly with their chief test pilot (Doug Tompkins).


Both are memories that I will cherish - I know many of you have done the factory course but it was my first and it was a total blast! I never thought I'd have the Low-G thing demonstrated "for real", and it was an eyes wide open experience :blink: . I look forward to an excuse to have to attend it again!


Fly safe, and Good Fortune to you and yours.


Dave Blevins


P.S. my wife got me a present that I hadn't seen - a small chromed helicopter whose MR contains a ball point pen. I'll be using it to sign the xmas credit card bills :o .

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