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CFII question

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You can do the CFII add-on in the same ride if you want. It may require a FAA inspector though. You just switch seats halfway through. Its nice since you don't have to do the oral portion twice.


I used to have some students do their commercial and CFI in the same ride. Same deal on the seats.

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Took both rides the same day the same ride in the same seat and it was with the FAA back in 1983. There are a lot more CFII for helicopters around now than then. At one time I was the only one East of the Missisisppi. And one of 5 CFII for both airplanes and Helicopters. That of course has changed some the last 23 or so years.

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You have to do "add-on" test for both the heli instrument and CFII-H. However, only the CFII-H add-on requires an additional aeronautical knowledge (written) test. It is very short--only about 25 questions if I remember correctly.


Consult the PTS to see what is required when it comes to the practical. But keep in mind, the PTS states the minimums. If the DPE or inspector wants to give you the whole ride, he/she can do that.

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