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Point of Clarification

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Hi All


Could someone confirm (or deny) that due to Pathfinder insurance (being the most common) 300 hours flight time is now required to work as a R22 CFII but only 200 is required for the Schweizer 300?


If I were to train at a school with both of the above, what is the minimum number of hours I would need in the Schweizer 300? Is their a minimum as per the R22?

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Also - is this 300hr a blanket thing? i.e. is it now impossible for a 200hr pilot to get insured with the intend of instructing?


The cost of an additional 100hr hour building would be financially crippling for lots of new pilots. Surely this can only hurt the industry and serve to scare off would-be pilots?

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Look through the "want" ads for helicopter instructors. Often the minimum times are based on insurance requirements. It can give you a better idea of the likelyhood of getting hired with a certain number of hours and the type policy the school is using to cover instructional activity. 300 hrs is the most common. In an R-22, the likelyhood of obtaining work seems to be many times higher with 300 hrs. Occassionally, there is a posting for 200 hrs or 250hrs.

I have run into a couple of cases where the flight school advertised for a 200 hr instructor to meet the requirements of SFAR73, but they didn't read their own policy closely enough to see that the hires might not meet the 300 hrs required by the policy.

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Pathfinder requires 300 hours and Robinson Factory Course. For the Schweizer it's different but most insurance companies want at least 200 hours. For Bell-47/Hiller/Enstrom it's usually 250 and 50 on type, for the Hiller it's even 500 and 50 on type. Every pilot has to be approved by the insurance company, and they do not only look for hours.



Insurance companies run the aviation industry in the US. In the Europe you don't have these requirements.

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