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I hear the Coast Guard doesn't want people who are already trained. They want to train you THEIR way, in THEIR helicopters. Can anyone confirm or elaborate on that? That's just what I've heard in the past.


As for the Army, they would LOVE to have a certified pilot. Those guys where recruiting the he11 out of me during high school when they found out I had my helicopter & airplane ratings. Couldn't get them to leave me alone. I remember "You won't go to war--we fight wars with missles and drones now." Shyeahhhh, I know where my butt would have been for the last 3-4 years.

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Look out at least 500 feet or further dont look at the ground around you! that comes with practice, if you do you brain will tell you you are drifting backwards\sideways\ any way.

Rest hand on leg and think rather than move your hand, RELAX small movements are all it requires your fingers will move colective enough.

Most people have foot trouble fly the ball, again this will come in time.

You think you will never get the hang of it but one day it will just click, and you will feel great.

Your instructor will stop you doing anything to dangerous Remember he wants to live even more than you.

Try not to fly for to long at the start, concentration will go after an hour or so at the begining of training

Good Luck :unsure:

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500E offers some sound advice.


My best advice would be this.


Tell your instructor that you are bored of hovering, and that you don't want to do any more of it, until you have at least 5 hours. During these 5 hours, you want to do straight and Level, turns / climbs / descents, and many many approaches.


By this time, I guarantee you will be hovering, without even knowing it.



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Thanks for the advice. It seems like i will never be able to fly with all the controls at once <_< But my instructer says ever student that has come thru thought the same thing. My instucter also told me it will be very frustating at times. What about u :D Can you guys tell me some of the "Lingo" of helicopters, it would be a big help. Also does this forum have many pilots??

Thanks B)

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Hey JugHead....


Yeah, this forum is mostly made up of pilots, or at least the ones posting are. Quite a few students as well, including myself. I have almost 40 hours of flight time and will hopefully have my private in a month or so. It can get overwelming sometimes for sure. Especially at first. I didn't hover till about 6 or 7 hours. And it was one of those things like was said earlier. I was trying and trying then one day it just clicked and I could hover.


IMO the biggest thing is to relax and make very small movements. Once you can get all the controls, then you will start to introduce a whole bunch of other aspects, watching out for other aircraft, birds, towers, ect.... Paying attention to all the instruments and actually using them. Wait till your first solo, that's gonna be a great day. Then your first solo cross country. Lot's of firsts while be a student, and all of them are nerve racking and awesome at the same time.

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JOKER has good advice if you have not had a fly round you will not have the feel of the stiry things, I was real slow in learning to hover, was convinced it was all done with smoke and mirrors and the dam thing could not hover Then one day :D dont fixate it will come, try to have a fly around before hover practice .

We all had to learn, we all should be still learning however menay hours we have.

Remember your FI is being PAID by you, ASK questions tell him if you feel you have had enough of a particular manover, have a break, fly round, it will fry your brain at the start, ( so much info to take in ) for the first few lessons I remember 60\80 minutes was enough my concentration would go a break was good then another hour, A lot of people give up because they feel that they are not making progress.

As for the first solo, flying revs bit of collective stick forward keep it strait translation lift were away S**t !!! ALL I have to do is put it down in one peice, WHAT A RUSH.

I still feel that freedom EVERY Time I fly, which is most days

What are you learning in 22 or 300

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Im learning on a 22. The 22 is very sensitive to me, is it like that to anybody else.


Yes, everyone else! I do believe R22s were invented to weed out the easily frustrated folks. ;)
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