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Is this right for me?

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Im thinking about enrolling in UVSC with flight training done with Upper Limit Aviation here in Salt Lake City. I've done a lot of research in all the schools around here, but still have a few questions regarding both schools and life working as a helicopter pilot.


First of all, I am not questioning whether or not I want to fly, Im questioning whether or not I want to fly as a job. Ive been lurking these forums for a bit, trying to get a feel for what real people working in the industry have dealt with.


1.) I've heard that its hard to find a job that allows you to live in one place, that most pilots to really be successful live a more nomadic lifestyle, living light and moving from place to place with work. I'm not really at the freedom to do this. There are a lot of schools here and I would assume if I worked hard, kept my nose clean, and with a bit of luck, became a decent pilot I could land a instructor type position, but is this the kind of job availiability I most likely will be limited to while living in a fixed area?


2.) Money. This is the big question, will I make enough flying these beasts to offset the costs of training and the degree and still be able to support the boss? If mama aint happy, flyin a copter will be the last of my worries :) I think if I was going to invest a lot of time, work, and money into something like this, going back to wrenching to take care of real life would not be a good thing, and a major factor in this decision.


3.) With UVSC, I'll also be doing fixed wing coursework for a degree. Will this help me in anyway besides actually having a degree? I know the knowledge wont hurt me, but do potential employers look for this kind of thing in a pilot, or is it more like my current industry where experience and who you know > booksmarts?


I'm only 24 and still got some figuring out to do, I LOVE the idea of flying, but family comes first. Thanks for any tips you guys can give me!

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Hi Hatcher, your ideas may be good but you need to ask ?'s off this forum.


Is the misses willing to back you up 100%, willing to move if need be? ready to spend days with you being at base camp or on call? are you ready to do what it takes?


Aviation is a life that demands alot from a person, I moved 1000 miles to go to A&P school, and 2000 mile to work.


it can take many years to find work you're asking about.






fly safe



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I am also 24 and have some pretty firm plans to atend UpperLimit and USVC fall semester. I am afraid everything I've seen and heard says that if you have to stay in one place things will be much, much harder. It's more luck of the draw at that point and its hard to bank on luck.

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