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Where Did You Train?

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Hello everyone,


Thanks for all the awesome information that has been provided in this forum.

Your advice and opinions are of immeasurable value for those of us new to helicopters.

I've only got 17 hours in helicpters from Quantum in Arizona, but I'm getting ready to take the plunge full time this summer.


I've been mentally noting which members have trained at which schools whenever such information pops up in the posts, but I'd like to make it a little more formal and hopefully get a better idea of how many of you trained at the different flight schools. I'd also be curious as to whether you are still a student or an instructor at that school.


This could be fun and interesting. Let's hear it for your school! :D

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Tomlinson Aviation in Ormond Beach, FL thru Commercial.


Now flying in the Army

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Wow! Quite a mix... I expected that many would have gone to the big schools that get the most visibility (ie. HAI, Quantum, Vortex), but there are some interesting smaller schools represented as well.


Thanks to all those that chimed in... anybody else care to respond?



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Canadian Helicopters in Toronto, Ontario, Quebec City, Quebec, and Penticton B.C. for Commercial ab intio, Night Rating, AStar type rating, and Mountain flying course


Silverline Heli in Holland Landing, Ontario for MD500 type rating


Civic Helicopters in Carlsbad, CA for U.S. Commercial and CFI



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