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The webhost fees are due this month and if you like the Vertical Reference Website and want to help us keep it going please contribute any amount at: Help support the Vertical Reference Website


Contribution is voluntary. Don't worry about contributing if you are a starving pilot like the rest of us but if you have a little to spare it would help keep this website running.


Thanks for visiting and let me know if there is anything you need, want changed, or wish to comment on.


-Rey Madrid

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Thanks to everyone who has been helping out with the hosting fees! Looks like we're on the way to keeping this crazy website going for another year.


Again, let me know if there is anything any of you want changed, added, or removed from the site.






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I tossed a few simoleans VR's way, and encourage anyone else that can afford it to do so too. This is a great site.


Also, I've said this before, but Vertical mag is sorta kinda like a Penthouse for helicopter pilots. And I mean that in a good way :blink: . Keep those glossy issues coming to my mailbox.


Dave Blevins

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Sent something to yah guys. Thanks for a great 2006.


I have seen some desktop calenders on some of the other sites and I really like using them, and the little calender in them is something I use all the time. Could that same concept be done using pictures submitted by the members here, just a thought and not a big deal one way or another.

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Sent a contribution to day Rey it went through PP OK this time strange would not work the first time, hope the flow will help do defray the cost in money, if not in time,Thank you for keeping the sight in such good shape.


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