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any advice ???


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so here is the deal, i am a 27 year old freelance photographer working in canada with a uk passport, i see no future in newspaper photography and want to change career, i have no qualifications and do not want to go to university, the idea of flying helicopters appeals to me but with no experience or knowledge of the industry so i turn to this forum in the hope of some insight. i have done some research on the internet and it seems realistic enough, pay the money work hard get licence, are there many jobs once you have your licence? what is the pay like? i read somewhere you have to be willing to "make the sacrafises of being a juniour pilot" what are these sacrafises? i also read it is tough to get a start with minimul flying time? what is the future of the inustry like? once you have your basic commercial licence where do you go from there? i realise this is a forum for pilots which i am not yet however i would appreciate any insight into the industry you all have.



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Hi Stuart, since you're already in canada, you can find ALOT of info on www.verticalmag.com as that is a canadian web site of pilots and engineers from north of the boarder. search the site for your answers as it's most likely been answered.


good luck, and welcome to the rotary world B)

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