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300 hours, Insurance and Simulator Time

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I guess I've said it the title and topic and Title but I'd like to find out how much time can be logged in a simulator towards Total Time when it comes to insurance. For example, my course has 180 flight hours and 20 in a dual sim. Would I be at 200 total hours or 180? Is the answer the same for insurance purposes and subsequent jobs?


It still leaves me with 100 hours to do before being looked at for most jobs, it seems!

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I assume by "simulator", you mean an approved FTD such as a FlyIt. You can always log training in an approved FTD as training time and if you log it, FTD time. You can never log FTD time as total time, PIC time, flight time, or rotorcraft time. If you are doing instrument training with a CFII, you can log simulated instrument. There is no limit to how many hours you can put in your logbook. However, you cannot log time unless you are in an approved/representative sim or FTD, with a qualified CFI/CFII.


However, in logging toward a rating, it depends on what the FAA has approved for the particular FTD. For the FlyIt, you can log up to seven hours of dual training toward any VFR rating (but only seven hours total from private to CFI. The instrument training required for the Commercial rating can be done in an FTD. For an instrument rating, you can log up to 20 hours of IFR training in an FTD (no matter what, you need at least 15 hours IFR training in a helicopter).


So if your VFR program is including 20 hours in an FTD, ask to see the FAA approval letter so you know how much can be put toward your ratings.


For insurance, the FTD time can go in the "training" and "simulated instrument" boxes, but not in the "flight time", "helicopter time", or "total time" boxes.


Again, this is for a Level A device, such as a FlyIt or Frasca. Things change when you go in one of the gazillion-dollar simulators at places like Flight Safety.


Hppe this helps!

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Thanks FW206


I was meaning a FlyIt simulator - not my Home MS FS 2004! (Your previous comments duly noted!!)


So, I'm still in need of 120 more hours after training... another $22K...


(P.S. I sent you a PM on another matter. Would appreciate any help you can give. Cheers)

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